Getting Started Checklist

Step One: Register your Scout with our Troop.


_____  Complete a Youth Application and turn in dues.  


Complete the Youth Application online at BSA Application. Dues may be paid on our website or by contacting us at Dues are $175 if your scout joins us at the start of the scouting year (August) or $75 if joining the year in progress (January/Feb). 


______ Complete the BSA Medical Form for your scout.


All scouts complete an annual BSA Medical form which is submitted to The A & B Forms are due each year and do not require a doctor visit. A copy of the front and back of your insurance card is also requested. Forms must be on file and valid (completed within a year) in order for your scout to attend troop activities including campouts.

                              AB Health Form


Summer campouts often require additional medical forms. Medical Form C, which includes a physician exam and signature, is required for all camps that are 72 hours or longer. High-adventure campouts may require additional medical forms. Information on these requirements are provided with camp registration.


_____  Register for Troop eMails and a family Website account.


                              It’s important to start getting Troop communications quickly 


1.      It is vital that your family join our T990 Yahoo Group. We communicate regularly to this email distribution list about camping opportunities, meeting information and troop updates. To register, send an email to To confirm that you are properly registered as a member of our Yahoo Group, please email requesting access confirmation.


2.      The Troop 990 Website website has both public and private access. To access the private section, which includes the the ability to register for campouts and other activities, you will need to have an account. Your family account is created when you register on our Home Page. Bookmark our website and become familiar with it…e.g. Calendar, Registration processes, directory, reference documents and links.  Mark upcoming campouts and troop activities on your calendar and plan to attend!


Step Two: Become a Parent Volunteer.


_____ BSA Adult Application- A 3 Step Process


      Youth Protection is of utmost importance in scouting. All adults are encouraged to complete this course. Adults joining our troop on overnight campouts are required to have a valid YPT certificate on file. Adult volunteers who serve as Assistant Scoutmasters, Merit Badge Counselors or Committee Members are required to have all three of these documents on file.


1.     Take the BSA Youth Protection Online Training (YPT) at My Scouting Login. The link is on the BSA website.  After completing the online training, you will be emailed your YPT certificate. Email this certificate to  Training is renewed every two years.  


Note: You do not need a BSA # to take online training.


2.      Complete BSA Adult Application at Adult Application Form and notify us at when you have the application ready. An original signature is required on this and the attached background verification form. We will assist you in collecting your application and submitting it to our BSA Capital Area Council on your behalf.


3.      Attend Ethics and Integrity in Ministry Training - Our sponsor, The Knights of Columbus at Saint John Neumann, requires completion of Ethics and Integrity in Ministry (EIM) Training for adults in designated leadership roles. Training is provided free of charge and is currently being offered online at The training page includes instructions on how to register/login to your EIM account including how to enroll and how to obtain your EIM certificate. Email this certificate to Training is renewed every three years.


Step Three: Join the fun!


_____ For Adult Campers - Complete BSA Medical Forms 


Adult campers must have a valid YPT certificate on file and submit medical forms for longer overnight campouts. These are the same forms you complete for your scout. Submit Forms A, B and C when you join us for all camps that are 72 hours or longer.  Lost Pines Summer Camp requires Form C for all adult volunteers. Email all forms to or contact our Outdoor Coordinator for more information at


_____ Uniforms & Handbook


Purchase Class A uniform supplies at the Scout Shop at 12500 N. I35 (phone: 512-926-6363) or online at  If the scout has a Webelos shirt that fits, just remove the Webelos specific patches and put on the BSA/Capital Area Council/Troop 990 patches.  Placement of patches and general information about uniforms can be found at:  Boy Scout Uniform .  Purchase a scout handbook at the scout store, also.


Troop 990 “Class B” casual shirt, loops, neckerchief, slide, and “990” numerals are available from the Membership Coordinator by emailing


_____ Attend New Parent Orientation 


New Parent Orientation Training session is offered annually, usually late March after all cross-overs are completed, and is held during the regular troop meeting.  The training will be announced via e-mail and will be posted on the Troop calendar.  It is very important that a parent for every new Troop 990 scout attend this training.


_____ Put Lost Pines Summer Camp on the Calendar, Register and Attend! (if you are joining in the spring). 


Participation in Lost Pines Summer Camp is easy and will keep your son on track to advance to the First Class rank within one year.